Voyager Capital The Seed


At Watts, we use stories and analogies to clearly communicate underlying themes that are present but at times veiled within unfamiliar or specialized subject matter. When Voyager Capital came to us seeking a video that would convey their company philosophy to potential investors, we found the story within their organization and illustrated it metaphorically.




Voyager had a unique message to share, but was hampered with challenges in relation to budget and proximity of the interview subjects. 


our solution


Using a handheld DSLR Watts shot on location in public parks and our founders backyard to focus on the micro detail of a seeds journey from dirt to market.  Using a remote phone line, we were able to interview 10 recipients of Voyagers Seed Capital and use the audio in its raw form to contribute to the authenticity of the message which blended perfectly with the natural imagery used in the piece. 



An artistic and unique approach to capital investment marketing.