Melinda Gates The Future of Work


Melinda Gates has always found inspiring ways to use her platform to advocate for the rights of women and girls, so when she needed a video to launch her influential LinkedIn presence, her team turned to Watts. The result is an animated film that explains some of the challenges that still face women working in a 21st century workplace that hasn't caught up to its 21st century workforce. A topic well worth talking about. 




Their team requested a thought provoking conversation piece to support the launch of Melinda Gates’ Linkedin presence. The main goal? Shine a light on the challenges women face in the workplace.


our solution


To explore multi-layered subject matter filled with opinion and nuances, nothing works better then animation. Through careful interpretation, whimsical artwork and creative storytelling, Watts was able to weave dynamic animated scenarios into an emotionally compelling and a deeply personal examination into the challenges modern women face in the workplace.


the results

A hugely successful launch on LinkedIn where the video received over 16,000 likes and 900 comments.