Microsoft Surface Dial


In 2017, we were asked by our friends at Microsoft to create a brand film for the new Surface Dial, an exciting new tool for the creative process. Because the simple, circular design of the Dial is uncomplex and clean, we wanted to create a film built with the same attributes. We focused the story on a diverse group of Artists showcasing their creative processes. Like the Dial itself, the Artists’ journey is a continuous 360°, without beginning or end.




The client asked for an anthemic and aspirational story that would move creatives to try the Surface Dial. They also wanted us to take the seven creative concepts we began the project with – and create one cohesive story employing them all.


our solution


Using the Dial’s form and function as a creative metaphor for the circular nature of the creative process – we told the story through the lens of four different individuals, each with their own set of challenges and successes. We also created an original musical score which conveyed the uncertainty of the creative block and the inspiring rush of the big idea coming to light. 



A unique and memorable film with one of our favorite brand partners that helped usher in a new tool for creatives.