Fluor Craft Pride


Across America, Craft Jobs are in high demand.  Fluor worked with Watts to create a rough n’ tough, high-energy video that would get the attention of highly skilled craftspeople looking to join Fluor’s already robust workforce.  The original music was composed by Watts and Sonosanctus.  Have fun rocking out.




Flour asked us to combine years of accumulated footage shot by Watts into an attention-grabbing sizzle video to kickstart the urgent recruitment of skilled craft workers to their projects worldwide.  


our solution


The right music can fuel a great sizzle reel. Watts composed a big bad original rock track tailor made for Fluor’s gritty work culture.  For trade shows, interested parties need to get the message without the music. We incorporated branded graphic callouts to simply convey Fluor’s point of difference in a highly competitive space. We carefully dug through over 50 terabytes of previously shot footage to find the perfect action.


the results


Action packed footage which showcased diversity in projects and people as well.  Rock on.