Microsoft One Note


The OneNote team asked us to create a film that would inspire students to try some of OneNote’s latest features for staying organized and productive. We chose to tell a high level story focusing on the journey of technology, from it’s inception to ultimately becoming an extension of ourselves. OneNote and Microsoft are squarely positioned at the end of technology’s journey, which is really just a beginning.




OneNote was launching the fluid integration of digital pens into their popular, personal note-taking app.  They were looking for a meaningful ‘why’ for consumers, but screenshots and hardware were not enough to tell an emotional and original story.   


our solution


Using nostalgic moments, we rediscovered the basic fundamental reason of why writing is so personal.  We sought to bring this natural form of expression and its ability to connect our thoughts and emotions to others to life. We left the audience with a feeling that the best tech is the tech that feels natural and almost feels like its not there, like it was meant to be. 


the results

The success we brought the client through this video led us to become his go-to creative agency and continue to work with him today.

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