Microsoft Surface Pen


Watts teamed-up with the Microsoft Surface Marketing team to build excitement for the All-New Surface Pen. The goal of the video was to highlight improved functionality and cutting-edge software applications that take full advantage of the New Pen’s enhanced pressure sensitivity; and it’s seamless integration with the new Surface Studio and Surface Pro. This video was shown live to an audience of millions to help propel Windows & Devices CVP Panos Panay’s Keynote at Microsoft Surface’s Global Launch event in Beijing, China. 




New features, not a new product. The client needed our help finding a way to engage creative audiences in the groundbreaking new features of the Surface Pen.


our solution


We illustrated the amazing new functionality of the Surface Pen by capturing it in action. We showed the audience how nothing had replaced pen and paper or brush – until now.


the results


Over 1M views on social channels.  

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