Microsoft Azure Lab Services 


Azure Lab Services had a problem; customers could never get a broad enough picture of what their product was capable of. Through creative storytelling, Watts set out to shift perception. Azure Lab Services can be configured in countless ways, offering computational power, a wide variety of testing platforms and even virtual computer labs for education settings. Watts saw this potential and brought it to light by reemphasizing the basic premise of a lab; a place of innovation and progress. When you think of a lab, that’s Azure Lab Services.




Microsoft needed to let audiences know that you don’t have to work in STEM to use Azure Lab Services. Azure Lab Services is for everyone.


our solution


We introduced the audience to some of the diverse people using Azure Lab Services to do their best work. We let the audience see that while all kinds of work can be done in a lab, one thing remains the same – a lab is a place to create, collaborate, and make breakthroughs for everyone who uses it.



Increased brand awareness on the dynamic and user-friendly aspects of Microsoft Azure Lab Services.