We make great creative content, but if we made doorknobs, they'd be pretty great too.





Watts believes that truly great creative hits you in the head, the heart and the gut.
Everything we do at Watts is done with this in mind. It’s for this reason that we are able to create powerful, permanent connections between brands and consumers.

We are Watts. We make great content, but if we made doorknobs, they’d be great too.​​


NW Folklife

NW Folklife: Draze

NW Folklife asked Watts to produce a series of videos showcasing local performers/contributors of the 2015 NW Folklife Festival. Here is one of them.

The Seed
Voyager Capital

Voyager Capital: The Seed

At Watts, we use stories and analogies to clearly communicate underlying themes that are present but at times veiled within unfamiliar or specialized subject matter. When Voyager Capital came to us seeking a video that would convey their company philosophy to potential investors, we found the story within their organization and illustrated it metaphorically.

Discover 2015

HP Discover 2015

To take their 2015 Discover Conference to the next level, HP turned to Silverstein & Associates and Watts to push the limits of the General Session’s speaker support throughout the entire conference. By supporting presentations with imagery, contemporary graphics and fluid animation; we were able to exceed our client’s ask and give the audience a look at the past, present and future of HP. 

The Race

The Race

In 1911, Norwegian Roald Amundson and Englishman Robert Scott risked their lives to become the first man to reach the South Pole.  Their was only one victor. One man survived, the other did not. To emphasize the challenges that lay ahead for Intel, President Renee James used this opening video to underscore the distinction between winning and losing in the market.

#Yes2You - Back to School

Kohl’s: #Yes2You – Back to School

As part of their Yes2YouLoyalty Program, We partnered with Deloitte Digital and Kohl’s to celebrate some of their most loyal customers with a #YESMoment to make sure their kids were confident and ready for their best year yet.

A Guide To

Yabbly Explainer

“But what does it do?” A lot of the time the hardest part of creating a product is explaining clearly what it does, how it works and just how it could be useful to any given customer. Here’s an example of how Watts can work with your team to develop your brand’s voice, core messaging and present potential customers with your unique value proposition.

Microsoft IT Academy

Microsoft IT Academy provides technology skills and certification to educators around the world. To help communicate their unique message, MSITA turned to Watts to help bring their colorful character library to life in a short, helpful, animated video.

Boxing Fish Sushi

OneNote: Boxing Fish Sushi

Microsoft’s OneNote wanted to tell a personal story of how OneNote helps small business owners turn their dreams into reality. We teamed them up with Kevin Griffin, owner and the head chef of Boxing Fish Sushi to tell a story about what happens when passion meets technology.


OneNote: Forward

In the spring of 2014, Watts wrote and produced an artful launch video for the Microsoft OneNote team that boldly defined the key value of the OneNote product. It declared and illustrated that OneNote is a tool that enables users to enjoy and cherish their most precious assets: their thoughts, time, and connections.
Watts Motion Reel

Watts Motion Reel

Here’s a compilation of some of the projects we liked the most.

Better Together

Better Together

Sarah and Sean are entertaining some pretty important guests.  See how Bing Food & Drink and OneNote helped them pull off their special night.

Celebrating 100 Years

100 Years of Fluor

A journey through the rich history of a company that spans more than a century.





Great stories engage viewers and resonate long after the final frame. Stories are not simply entertainment but a powerful method of communication – the difference between speaking words at an audience and giving them an authentic, lasting experience.

Live Events

Watts produces global, media-driven, live events for some of the world’s largest organizations. From page to stage, we put the audience first. We believe in designing the event, the media and the content with one goal in mind: to capture the hearts and minds of the participants.​

A prime example of our work with live events was the 2012 Fluor Centennial Celebration (Silver Anvil Award Winner). Fluor, one of the largest engineering, procurement firms in the world, assigned Watts with developing, producing and executing the multimedia and live event mega-project. The Centennial Celebration was to take place throughout the 2012 calendar year and would be used as the focal point for an all-encompassing marketing effort.

Click on the image below to see the case study.

Integrated Campaigns

We believe in artful, tactical, content campaigns that strategically impact your target audience. To do this, we create multi-layered social campaigns that can be heard above the noise and deployed across all platforms.

When Intel decided to promote and advance HTML5 they turned to Watts to generate ideas on how they could authentically engage with developers. The result was HTML5 Hub, an integrated social campaign and online community for developers by developers.   

Click on the image below to go to the HTML 5 Hub


Brand Identity

Every brand has a story. Conveying the essence of that story in a logo, graphic or text is how we create beautiful, inspired design and spread your message to others. Design doesn’t just add value; it creates it.

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