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Your business partner

Our customers remain our customers because we obsess over their business goals, and deliver.

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Your creative partner

We’ve been a trusted creative partner to brands of every shape and size for over 18 years.

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Your Story, Well Told

How can we make your story stand out? We focus on your audience, and find ways for them to connect to your content in meaningful and emotional ways.


Our People

With Watts, you’ll have a team of creatives who can help you emotionally connect with your audience.

We always strive for storytelling that is authentic, intelligent and original.

Andrew Watts    Executive Creative

Andrew Watts

Executive Creative

Ali El-gasseir    Senior Producer | Creative

Ali El-gasseir

Senior Producer | Creative

Neil Luplow    Business Development

Neil Luplow

Business Development

Coe Harper    Executive Producer

Coe Harper

Executive Producer

John Portanova    Producer

John Portanova


MIKAELA MULHALL    Marketing Intern


Marketing Intern

Kaija Jones    Senior Producer / Creative

Kaija Jones

Senior Producer / Creative

Jessica Clark    Editor / Colorist

Jessica Clark

Editor / Colorist

yekaterina mironenko    Creative Intern

yekaterina mironenko

Creative Intern

David Godwin    Creative Director

David Godwin

Creative Director

SKYLAR smith    Editor

SKYLAR smith



Join Us

Watts is always looking for talented individuals to join our team.