Carbon Rethink the Impossible


Carbon is helping Vitamix rethink the possible, changing the way their engineers think about product design by breaking down the barriers of traditional manufacturing. Watts was asked to depict the impact the partnership between Carbon and Vitamix has had on Vitamix as a culture as well as the broader implications the partnership will have on the manufacturing industry thanks to Carbon's technology - DLS. The solution we came up with was a longer format case study film and accompanying social edits. 




Carbon was ready to celebrate a breakthrough collaboration with Vitamix. The content needed to appeal to engineers and B2B audiences alike. One last challenge – while the results of this collaboration are innovative – at first look, the component they created together appears to be a simple object.


our solution


Watts hit the books and learned about Carbon’s science and process down to the most minor detail.  We conducted interviews that go to the root of the benefits without over-subscribing to technical detail and jargon. We focused the story on the “why” and “how” and added 3D and motion design to give a science layer. Thanks to crafty storytelling, the message was accessible and attainable to everyone. 


the results


A digital case study that was used in the press for over a year.