Carbon: Re think Possible


Carbon is a leading manfufacturing brand that produces durable and efficient materials for clients. Vitamix partnered with Carbon and The Technology House (TTH), changing the way their engineers think about product design by breaking down the barriers of traditional manufacturing. Watts was asked to depict the impact of the partnership Carbon and Vitamix has had on Vitamix's culture as well as the broader implications this partnership will have on the manufacturing industry, thanks to Carbon's technology - Digital Light Synthesis (DLS). 

 The solution we came up with was a longer format case study film and accompanying social edits. These edits impacted a wide audience, creating a strong awareness of the power that this partnership truly has.  


''If you are going to believe in something that isn't yet possible, then you have to rethink the possible. It is the only way to get there. The partnership with Carbon is very exciting to Vitamix, as it is helping us rethink the possible, every day.''

Jodi Berg

President and CEO, Vitamix


                                                                                                                                                                     Behind the Scenes

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